Good news, Robbinsdale kids: ‘Poetry and the Age’ is back on the shelf

Back when St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter III was proposing the city’s libraries scrap overdue book fines, we were treated to predictions that anarchy would result.

How on earth could kids ever learn to be responsible if they weren’t nickel-and-dimed at the library?

So we’re more than a little interested in whether the unnamed person in Robbinsdale’s Cooper High School Class of ’71 ever amounted to anything now that he/she’s come forward with her/his overdue copy of “Poetry and the Age.”

Principal Frank Herman tells the Star Tribune the staff tried to calculate how much the fine for the overdue book would be, but they couldn’t find any record of how much the fines were at the time.

It’s unclear whether any student in the last 45 years has asked for “Poetry and the Age.”