In polar vortex’s wake, frozen pants stand tall as uniquely Minnesotan

We don’t even begin to understand how cold weather pants became a “thing”, but this year’s polar vortex made frozen pants a thing.

A really impressive thing in Maple Grove, for the record.

The practice appears to be as Minnesotan as not taking the last piece.

Tom Grotting, 64, of Minneapolis, got his 15 minutes this week when he lined up several pairs of frozen pants.

“Life doesn’t exactly stop but it sort of slows down. When it lasts a couple days you can go stir crazy, so your mind thinks of things to do,” he says on

Grotting’s neighbors have also started putting out frozen pants.

He provides the technique:

Iowans have also been joining in although the Des Moines Register concedes that all the credit goes to the paradise to the north.