The racism of La Crosse

In a decent society, you ought to be able to go to work without seeing a racist message spray painted on your business when you get there.

Sadly, we are not the decent society we may have once thought we were. The racists have been emboldened to make their hate public as the people of La Crosse, Wis., have learned.

The Bullet Cab Company, which is owned by a Muslim man, was targeted with the graffiti last week.

Mian Ahmad, who goes by “Mike,” has lived in La Crosse for 20 years.

“It makes me lose confidence in La Crosse,” Linda Devenport, Bullet Cab’s general manager, told the La Crosse Tribune.

Appropriately, the La Crosse Interfaith Shoulder to Shoulder Network has scheduled a rally for Friday to show support from the family. A GoFundMe page quickly blew through its modest goal.

There are no suspects, according to police.