Of snow boogers, fenderbergs, carnicles, and chunkers

I only arrived in Minnesota for the last year or so of Dave Moore’s career. By then, he was only doing a WCCO Sunday morning gig and I failed to appreciate his considerable talent because that really wasn’t a good outlet for it by then.

On Twitter Monday, I asked for people’s names for what the people in my house call “snow boogers,” the clumps of ice and snow that we love to kick off when the temperature is just right.

And, thanks to Steve Swan, I was made aware of this poetic segment that Moore did on the subject. It’s brilliant.

Dave Moore/WCCO-TV 4: "Ice Chunks"

Prince sang that sometimes it snows in April. But for now let's be content with the melt we have going on. Which reminds us of the late Dave Moore's poetic "Ice Chunks" from WCCO-TV/4.

Posted by Old Minneapolis on Wednesday, March 21, 2018