Post about abortion splits U of M student election ticket

Even the University of Minnesota Student Association can’t escape controversy.

On Sunday evening, Janet Nguyen pulled out of the election for vice president when her running mate’s old social media posts resurfaced, according to Minnesota Daily.

What content did Osirus Washington post in January?

He asked if having an abortion gives one bad karma, the Daily said.

In a subsequent reply to a comment, Washington said he had no ill intent, but was looking for different opinions on the subject.

With the post getting attention in recent weeks, Nguyen jumped off the ticket.

“We want to make the stance known that we condemn ignorance over such a sensitive issue. As women ourselves, we want every woman to feel safe on campus in the conversation surrounding bodily choices. We, individually and collectively, advocate for female empowerment and family planning services like Planned Parenthood. We support healthy dialogue around this topic and do not stand with the comment made by Osirus,” her statement read.

Washington appeared to respond on his Facebook page late Sunday night.

Voting in the election starts today.

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