When judges aren’t honorable

Throw a black robe on a person and we’ve been conditioned to elevate our opinion of him/her. But recently we’ve seen proof that the unfit and potentially corrupt get jobs as judges, too.

I refer, of course, to Judge Jack Robison who told a jury in Texas that God wanted them to acquit Gloria Romero Perez, who was on trial on sex trafficking charges.

CNN reports Robison walked into the jury room and said he’d been praying about the case when he got the word from God. He said he wanted them to reverse their guilty verdict.

The jury declined to do so.

Robison told the Texas Judicial Commission that he’d been having memory issues lately so he couldn’t remember much about the incident. But he blamed it on the stress of losing a close friend.

Doctors examined Robison and said he wasn’t suffering from anything that would impair his judicial ability.

The Commission declined to do much more than issue a “public warning” to the judge.

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