It’s pink slip time for teachers

This is a tough time to be a young teacher in Minnesota’s school districts. It’s pink slip time, when your bosses get to suggest in public you’re not good enough for them but they can’t or won’t say exactly why.

The Hastings Star Gazette has one such example in Shantell Brucker, a nontenured kindergarten teacher at Kennedy Elementary School who was hired in 2016.

From the sound of things from Wednesday’s school board meeting, she’s the kind of teacher you want your kid to have.

“My husband and I feel like we have won the lottery with my son’s place in [Brucker’s] class,” said Jordan Marie Harris.

“This is one of the best school districts in the state … I fear that decision making like this will take a toll on the quality of our education should these sorts of decisions continue long term.”

Other students spoke up for her, too.

“I support parents who come here tonight and stick up for an individual who they believe is outstanding,” superintendent Tim Collins told them.


“Having said that, when I first came here I really looked at our evaluation process … you are who you hire.”


“We as the seven [board members] have to look at the big picture for the district,” one school board member told the paper. “Your heart goes out to situations like last night … but it’s part of … how teachers are evaluated.”

Thank you for your service, Mrs. Brucker.

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