Rosenberg leaving Macalester

Brian Rosenberg announced Monday he’s leaving as president of Macalester College a year from now.

“The opportunity to serve as President of Macalester has been by far the greatest privilege of my professional life,” he said in his statement. “The longer I have stayed, the more impressed I have been by the excellence of our faculty, the dedication of the staff with whom I have worked side by side, and especially the passionate determination of our students and alumni to create a more just and peaceful world.

“Macalester’s best days lie not in its past or present but in its future. I will, during the next fourteen months, do all in my power to ensure that that future is one of which we can be proud.”

Over the next year, there will likely be well considered assessments of Rosenberg’s contributions to the local culture.

But we’re going to go with nothing topping this gem — his Christmas message in 2011.