Stillwater students, principal school us on solving a problem: peeing

The kids in Stillwater High School aren’t messing around, but the principal is pretty good at disarming them over an issue that’s got them stirred up: peeing.

The kids started an Instagram page — Let Us Pee — and website to protest the locking of the bathrooms during class time because of vaping and vandalism. Between classes, they’re open.

The students have been relentless in marshalling support through Instagram.

“Bathrooms aren’t the issue, drug use is the issue,” Rowan Bell-Myers, one of the students behind the Instagram page, tells the Star Tribune. “This isn’t going to solve the vaping problem. It feels more like a quick fix to solve reputation problems.”

Principal Rob Bach is pretty crafty at social media, too. He agreed with the students, then challenged them to come up with a better solution than memes.

The students complained they weren’t given any warning and that up to 10 minutes of classtime are being missed by trips to the open bathrooms.

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