Road rage cyclist on the loose in Minneapolis

It’s not often — well, never — we hear about road rage on bicycles but KARE 11 says a single bicyclist is responsible for two attacks on a school bus blocking his path.

The first attack came last Friday in the 3200 block of Blaisdell Avenue in Minneapolis when the driver parked in the bike lane while waiting for a student.

The bicyclist used a bike lock to smash the bus windows.

On Monday, bus driver Rich Olson, 71, was waiting for the cyclist to return.

He did, KARE 11 says.

“Next thing I know, he reached around his back and pulled out his lock and starts wailing away at the bus again,” Olson said. “I was really hoping he would just go on.”

Olson is just thankful no kids were on the bus.

He said the incidents do not deter him from driving. He puts the children first.

“It’s not so much being afraid. It’s being right. Doing your job right, you know?” Olson said.

It’s not against the law for a school bus to park in a bike lane as long as the red lights are flashing and the stop arm is deployed.

But Olson says he pulls over on Blaisdell because he didn’t want to hold up traffic for an extended period while waiting for the student.