Web sites crash for most reps who voted ‘no’

As of 4:06 p.m. the Web sites for most Minnesota representatives who voted ‘no’ on the bailout bill aren’t working. The ones for those who voted ‘yes’ are.

Is it directly related to the bailout bill, which failed today? The main House Web site has crashed.

“We haven’t seen this much demand since the 9-11 commission report” was posted on the site in 2004, said Jeff Ventura, spokesman for the House Chief Administrative Officer. “We’re being overwhelmed with Web traffic about the bill.”

Among the “no” voters, Rep. Tim Walz’ page and Collin Peterson’s page loads a blank page. Rep. Jim Ramstad’s site connects but doesn’t load a full page. But Rep. Michele Bachmann’s page is working.

Among those voting “yes,” the Web sites of Rep. John Kline, Rep. Betty McCollum, Rep. Jim Oberstar, and Rep. Keith Ellison are all working.

Ventura told the Associated Press the Web sites are working, but many computer users

are getting the equivalent of a busy signal when they try to visit the site. Once users are on the site, it works at reduced speed.

Still, it would appear many more people are interested in contacting the “no” reps, than the “yes” reps.

(h/t: Willie Vogt)