What to expect from economic apocalypse

The Web site, The Consumerist, has put together a list of 10 things to expect from “the new post-apocalyptic economy.”

Number 1 is worth considering: A much less leveraged economy — Cash will be the thing to have.

What would things look like if we have to pay cash for everything, once credit cards dry up (maybe they’d eliminate the grace period and start charging a finance charge from first dollar)?

I’ve got two, and you can add yours in the comments section.

-1- More lottery ticket sales, and sales of car air fresheners and other junk. Why? Pay at the Pump, baby. It’d be history. You’ll have to actually go inside the convenience store/gas station and wait in a long line of other people. From boredom, you’ll start picking up little trinkets and trashy things that the stores know you’ll buy on impulse. They’re smarter than we are. Oh, and there’ll still be people who want to pay with a check who won’t have filled any of it out while standing in line.

-2- No mail today? If there’s no credit cards, there’ll be no more credit card mailings. I got four yesterday, alone. State Farm offered me 0% on balance transfers until July 2009. Hey, here’s an idea, bailout voters in Congress, stick a provision in that puppy when you revote this week that forces credit card solicitors to put the true cost of this scam right on the front page. Outlaw asterisks.

Capitol One (how does Capitol One have any money after the cost of sending at least three credit card solicitations a week to every American and every household pet?) offered 0% on purchases and transfers until 2010.*.

Life after credit, what’s it look like? Be funny, now, we all need a good laugh.