Saving Riverview Circle: Getting ringed in

I’m back in Riverview Circle, riding in a pickup over very icy and rutty roads. I’m riding with Ed Dorsett of Moorhead, who goes to the same church as Todd and Donna Morse. We’re heading to the store to get some ShopVacs and a marine plug. The plug is for John Brummer’s boat, which he’s preparing, just in case.


The neighborhood is about to be mostly cut off. They’re building a dike along Highway 75. We understand one road will be kept open for now,

We’ve just passed rows and rows of fire trucks from out of the area — Roseville, Grand Lake, Elko, for example.

Things are quiet in the neighborhood.



I checked in with Vikki and Bruce Johnson. Their dog is back home with them and they were able to get a little sleep last night. That look in Bruce’s eyes captured in a post downstream, is still there today. He’s concerned about the dike down at the Brummer and Morse side of the street, and one downstream from their home.

“I hope you’re able to stand there (in the hall) two days from now,” he said.

Indications are I will. Todd Morse, who’s sitting with an icepack on his knee (“I’m at least mobile,” he said ) just showed me the river forecast which is a much brighter picture than even 6 this morning. The crest will — if they’re right — not last as long and be lower than expected.

Snow is due tomorrow.