Here’s why you shouldn’t drive through floodwaters

People cannot possibly still be oblivious to the carnage from driving distracted, yet people still drive while texting. For decades, authorities have warned drivers not to try to go through standing water, and people keep driving through standing water and become the poster children for additional warnings not to do it.

So we’re under no illusion that the latest warnings will make any difference, but authorities are trying anyway.

Two sheriff’s deputies in Madison, Minn., deserve all the thanks the state can muster for being willing to risk their own lives to save the ones who don’t listen.

There was a barricade across the road but a man and woman decided to drive around it. That’s when their SUV got swept off the road.

They called 911.

According to the sheriff’s office:

The caller then stated that the current was so strong that it pushed the vehicle into the field. The caller stated they were stuck in the vehicle and the water was rising at a fast pace inside the vehicle. When Deputies got on scene, an adult male was standing on top of the vehicle and female was sitting inside the vehicle. Both parties needed to be rescued. Deputies used cold water rescue suits and the rapid deployment craft to retrieve both individuals.

Sgt. Brian Benck and Sgt. Cole Weick did the dirty work.

The SUV was left in its watery grave.

“This is also a good reminder if there is water going over a roadway please don’t drive through it,” the sheriff’s office said on Facebook, obviously optimistic that people will listen someday.

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