Dear Minnesota: ‘You’re fired’

News Cut reader Doreen Clark has penned a letter to the state of Minnesota, informing it that it is fired.

Dear “State,”

After long contemplation and personal struggle with my “Minnesota Nice,” I have decided that this is not working for me – so, you are fired.

I have thought long-and-hard about the great things our state has to offer, including our beautiful parks and our state workers that continue the outstanding Minnesota work ethics tradition that we are known for. You have decided the things we take pride in are not vital. I disagree, so yes, you are fired.

I thought about my own job description and, boy are you lucky to have worked as long as you have. Consider yourself fortunate. In this economy, I am sure there are many that would take your pay, settle the budget and actually do what they were hired to do. Yes, you are fired.

What is your job description anyways, state? Did it include shunning those that looked to you for support? If so, then that is one check in your corner. If, on the other hand, it included securing a budget, which by all accounts it probably did, this is why we are having this frank discussion. Also, I have found your people skills lacking. You’re fired.

At my job, I have people I am accountable to and I can’t just walk away or throw a fit if I disagree. But, I am sure you know this. Do you think that good business rules don’t apply to you?

As we finalize this separation agreement, I want you to know that everyone in this state IS vital. And, it hurts to hear you say that some are not. Have you ever heard the saying,”actions speak louder than words?” Your words are loud and clear and unacceptable. You are fired.

I think that it is time that you reflect and time is running out.

Play nice on the playground (if it’s not closed), do the job you were hired to do and apologize to the state of Minnesota for having to listen to your childish squabbles at our expense – or yes, you are fired!


Doreen Clark