Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow

There was big news in Washington today when the Federal Election Commission approved agenda document 11-38, draft A as amended by 11-38B with technical and forming changes on a 5-to-1 vote.

Did you ever think you’d live long enough to see this day?

It means Stephen Colbert can form a “Super PAC.”

Colbert sought a “media exemption” from campaign finance laws, allowing him to use airtime, staff and other resources from his Comedy Central show on campaign activities such as TV ads. He wouldn’t have to disclose the spending.

But the FEC said the material couldn’t be shown on other Comedy Central programs, because that would constitute an in-kind contribution from the Viacom Corporation, which owns the network.

Colbert floated the idea as a parody of Tim Pawlenty’s PAC ad, which invoked dozens of images but said virtually nothing. He adopted the theme, “Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow.”