Where heroes once stood

Long-time NewsCut readers probably know that there may be no neighborhood in America I have more fondness for than the Riverview Circle neighborhood of Moorhead, where I spent more than a week in 2009 covering the residents’ fight against the flooding Red River.

I took this stitched-together panorama in the backyard of Donna and Todd Morse (sorry, iPeople, it’s in Flash and you won’t see it):

Panorama of All along the Red River on CleVR.com

Some real heroes once stood on the site…


There’s no flood this year, but it’s a sadder scene in that spot today than it was back then.


The Morse family has taken the buyout offered to the people who put up such a fight in 2009 (and 2011).


Up and down the street, houses are on trailers, ready to go.


No doubt, there’s a fair amount of heartbreak, but change happens, time moves on, and neighborhoods die.

“We will be the only house remaining on this side of the street,” John Brummer said in an e-mail to me today. Neighbor Keith Miller took the photographs.