When it comes to fishing, don’t mess with a Minnesota-set record

A world fishing record set on Lake Minnetonka still stands.

Johnny Wilkins of La Grange, Ill., has failed in his bid to catch the most fish ever caught in 24 hours, a mark set in 2011 by Jeff Kolodzinski on Lake Minnetonka.

The Chicago Tribune reports Wilkins came up about 600 fish short in the 24-hour marathon, intended to raise money for wounded soldiers.

He had calculated he’d have had to average about 1.8 fish per minute for the entire day. He trained for more than six months to develop the strength and stamina for the effort.

“In my head, at 4 p.m., I knew my numbers all day were not going well,” Wilkins said. “So I had to suffer through from 4 p.m all the way to 7 a.m. knowing that it probably wasn’t going to work.”

Well, of course it wasn’t. How could any human compete with this?