At Minnesota Capitol, loss of beauty is the price paid for progress

This picture, tweeted by the Minnesota House Information Services folks is a reminder that the centerpiece of some of the most beautiful views in Saint Paul is going to be a little ugly for awhile.

A new, temporary (if you consider three years temporary) parking lot is being built for all of the construction equipment that will be needed for the renovation of the magnificent building.

It has to be done, but watching the destruction of the beautiful lawn that frames the Capitol is still tough to watch.

Some views haven’t been temporarily damaged.

The view up Saint Paul’s Cedar Street toward the Capitol was near inspiration. With the dawn of the light-rail days, not so much anymore.

MPR photo

Even as it delivers a needed economic shot in the arm, we have to accept a certain aesthetic blight with light rail.

And even driving from the east on Interstate 94, the view of the Capitol has been partially obscured by the new high-rise buildings around Regions Hospital.

It is the price we pay — an acceptable price — for progress. We’ll get used to it.