A nice day for a shutdown wedding

After watching C-SPAN’s coverage of the House floor debates on Wednesday and Thursday, I spent much of yesterday in the hospital.

Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

It’s hard to find anything funny about what’s happening in Washington. What little sympathy that exists, exists for those visiting monuments in the Washington area.

Washington has a hard time understanding America if a little of it doesn’t occasionally leak into Washington.

Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le were to be married on Saturday at the Jefferson Memorial, but with the memorial closed, they faced a lifetime of apparent loneliness.

So last night’s, Stephen Colbert stepped in, even arranging the out-of-work Smokey the Bear to be best man.

Sure, it’s not the serious impact the tea party had hoped to inflict on the country, but maybe a little laughter will keep you out of the hospital.

Assuming you have access to health care, of course.

On the other hand, if you want to risk it, here’s the shutdown “in 10 infuriating sentences.”