Where’s NewsCut?

Although I’ve mentioned it in the comments section of a previous post, I feel I owe an explanation of my relative disappearance to those who didn’t see it and don’t follow me on my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I have Meniere’s Disease, which is an inner ear malady affecting balance and hearing. You old-timers will recall the first U.S. man in space, Alan Shepard, suffered from this and was grounded, although he eventually was able to be part of a moon mission.

My flying days, however, are over and for the time being, so are my blogging days.

Every few years, it makes a reappearance, and each is a worse than the previous. I’m unable to stand or walk or see words on a page because they jump around. So does everything else. Consequently, my brain does not think the deep thoughts required for blogging. Driving, except for a few rare minutes of quiet, is fairly impossible. I got to spend part of last week in the ER again.

In the past, it’s hung on for a few months, disappearing right around the time I think I’ll never work again. It’s a little late leaving this time. We don’t know what causes it — they say stress is part of it and I suspect 13 hour days looking for just one more blog post to write don’t help much.

There’s no cure other than to wait it out, let it do whatever damage it’s going to do, and then literally play it by ear.

It’s like dealing with the U.S. Congress in that regard, I suppose.

I hope to be back soon and I hope you’ll return when I do.