When the news is a joke

Tane Danger and Brandon Boat, a couple of Twin Cities millennials, are getting some love on the Forbes website today for their Theater of Public Policy, which features a mix of wonky discussion with comedy via improv.

“Politics is one those topics that’s forbidden from being discussed at work and the dinner table, so naturally it needs a little sweetening if you want to get a disagreeable crowd together to swallow it. In its most extreme form, politics is something people get killed over, whereas nobody has ever died over laughter. To pair them together is disarming in a way, because people can’t keep up their usual defenses or partisanship,” Boat said.

It ends up looking like this:

Tomorrow night, T2P2 is tackling the Minneapolis mayor race, opening its fifth season.

Next week, the topic is online journalism, comments, and trolling, featuring me and Aaron Rupar of City Pages.