In Super Bowl ad quest, can Minnesota organic eggs top girl engineers?

Locally Laid, the Wrenshall, Minn., egg farm mentioned here a week or so ago, is one of four finalists now in Intuit’s promotion to buy a Super Bowl commercial for one small business in America.

The competition, however, is pretty fierce.

There’s the company that makes toys for little girls that don’t involve pink and princesses, and by doing so encourage more women engineers. The company, Goldie Blox, already has one thing going for it: It’s already got a video that’s gone viral.

A company in Idaho, Dairy Poop, sells natural dairy compost.

And the “natural” theme wraps up with natural dog treats from a company in North Carolina. It makes the treats from the waste of a local brewery.

You can vote for the winner here.

Handicapping the race now, we’re guessing the all-natural-poop-and-food-for-humans-or-dogs vote will be split, leaving the future of little girls the likely winner.