Love, death, life, and a letter to a baby

Nate Yoho and Laura Brammeier of Des Moines didn’t have much time together after they met in late 2007. They were engaged three years later, just before Laura passed out at work.

It was cancer in the brain.

In May 2011 she had surgery at the Mayo Clinic. In August, they were married. The 28-year-olds wanted a family, but the cancer hit hard and there was no way Laura’s body could handle a pregnancy.

The Yohos had several embryos frozen before the first round of cancer treatments, and a friend volunteered to be a surrogate.

Her friends hosted a baby shower for her last July. And a few days later, Laura died.

Their daughter was born about three weeks ago (Des Moines Register). The reporter who covered the story has written a letter to the baby.