Behind the scenes of Michael Sams’ story

It turns out that if you might be drafted in the NFL, you don’t just call up a reporter and say you’re gay. There’s a little more information about the lengths to which his agents had to go in an article on

Among the nuggets: Former Viking Chris Kluwe, currently embroiled in a legal dispute with the Minnesota Vikings over alleged workplace harassment by an anti-gay coach, knew it was coming. He was part of a small “coming out” party for Michael Sam, the night before he was to sit down with ESPN and the New York Times, the two outlets who were hand picked by Sam’s agent to tell his story.

“It was fun,” Kluwe told The Huffington Post . “I tried to tell Michael about basically what he’s going to be facing in the NFL, what the locker room is going to be like. … Essentially just try and stay as relaxed as possible, and trust in the fact that you can play football well, you can play at a very high level — that’s why you’ve gotten to this point — so block out the other stuff as much as you can and keep doing what you know how to do.”

It’s good reading.

Meanwhile, at Sam’s University of Missouri today…