Mom dying of cancer hangs on to see daughter graduate

Darlene Sugg, 47, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2010. Though she went into remission, the disease eventually spread and she was dying. But she had a dream to see her daughter, Megan, graduate from high school.

She went into hospice in April and her husband told officials at the school their daughter attended in Maryland. So they put together a graduation ceremony last week by her beside.

“I know how proud her mom is of her and we really wanted to give her family a special time,” school counselor Kristin Canevazzi said. “And to really honor Megan, because as much as she’s had going on, she’s pushed through and is going to graduate high school.”

“She was hanging on to see my proud moment,” Megan told NBC News. “She knew it meant a lot.”

On Saturday, Darlene died.