The vanishing ego-free philanthropy

This why they call it classical music.

In a world where big money feeds big ego, the benefactors of the new Ordway Center hall in Saint Paul are refusing the usual ego stroke given to people who drop cash on an organization.

Typically, it would be known as Huss Hall, considering Ruth and John Huss gave $10 million to the project that topped off yesterday.

But they have declined. It’ll be known simply as the Concert Hall.

“They felt that the music hall did not have a name, so they didn’t think the concert hall should be any different,” Kevin Ramach, president of the Arts Partnership, told the Star Tribune.


Ironically, this is a couple that actually deserves a little recognition.

There’ll still be plenty of the typical naming rights at the new digs. The Ordway will feature the 3M Plaza, the Target Atrium, and the Securian lobby.