SWAT unit kills dogs in drug search

You’re a police officer executing a search warrant. Instead of knocking on a door, you break it down. Two dogs inside start barking. What do you do?

Saint Paul police shot the two dogs, the Pioneer Press reports.

“An officer believed they were acting in an aggressive manner,” said Sgt. Paul Paulos, a St. Paul police spokesman. “He thought he’d be bit or the dogs would bite one of the team members.”

“The gunshots scared the living daylights out of me, and knowing that they were in such close range of the dog and where we were laying with my kids made it worse,” Camille Perry told the paper. “Our oldest dog actually ran back to protect us in front of the bed and they kept shooting her, even though we were laying right there.”

Perry and her fiance, Larry Arman, said a search warrant indicated they were looking for marijuana, drug packaging, weighing equipment, guns, and computers and more. What they found was a bong and grinder, according to the newspaper.

The couple said if the SWAT team had knocked, they’d have opened the door.