Mother buries baby alive; dog rescues it

“Ping Pong” is the answer to the question humankind can’t stop asking: Who’s a good dog?

Still, there is another question: What would lead a mother to bury her baby alive? The girl, 15, wanted to hide her pregnancy from her parents in Thailand.

Ping Pong was having none of it, according to the BBC. He was barking and digging when his owner noticed a leg sticking out of the ground. It was a baby, who was taken to the hospital, cleaned up, and pronounced fit.

The dog’s owner says Ping Pong was hit by a car and lost the use of a leg. But she kept him, proving that dogs sometimes get more consideration than people.

“I kept him because he’s so loyal and obedient, and always helps me out when I go to the fields to tend to my cattle. He’s loved by the entire village. It’s amazing,” the owner said.

The girl’s parents are going to raise the baby.

(h/t: Paul Tosto)