‘Ex-wife sale’ sign taken down in Fargo

A sign advertising an “ex-wife sale” has been taken down in Fargo after complaints.

The Fargo Forum says the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center complained about the sign which advertised chainsaws and duct tape in its ex-wife sale.

“We’re proud to be part of a community that does not tolerate this kind of humor,” Christopher Johnson, the center’s executive director, said.

When he called Joe Rents & Contractors Supply, he was told the sign had already been taken down because of the number of phone calls the business was getting.

“I really didn’t think it was offensive,” an unidentified man at the store told the Forum.

“When people make light out of domestic violence or when people try to find humor in domestic violence,” Johnson said, “I think it’s our way as a society to try to overlook the violence and the pain and the injustice.”