If an asteroid hit St. Paul

A 60-foot asteroid flew by yesterday and missed us, you may have surmised by looking out the window today.

It was pretty close, Phil Plait at Slate says — about the same distance as some satellites.

“This is all a reminder that these things do whiz past us fairly often, and even if they’re big enough to do damage should they hit us, we generally don’t get a lot of warning beforehand. Asteroids like this are just too faint. Happily, they don’t hit us very often,” he says.

We were never in danger, he writes, despite what you read on … well, you know where.

That doesn’t prevent us from wondering “what if” an asteroid the size of a school bus hit the World Headquarters.


Buildings would be knocked over from Earl Street on the East side to Dale Street on the west, according to this calculator that’s worth wasting work time playing with today.

(h/t: Vox)

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