In Hwy 169 lane reduction, ‘Satan laughed’

The experts who know better have squeezed Highway 169 from three lanes to two lanes. To them, it makes sense. To drivers, not so much.

But some good has come out of the commuting headache. We’ve come to know of the writing of Amy Mytnik of Shakopee, whose letter to the editor in the Star Tribune today is an instant classic.

More lanes are better; this can’t be overstated

I was so frustrated Monday to find Hwy. 169 in Shakopee changed back to two lanes in each direction. The three-lane structure put in place to help traffic flow following flooding in June had shaved almost 20 minutes off my commute.

With three lanes, drivers were smiling, birds were singing and the sun glistened down, saying: “Here … take this path, it is wide open to pursue your dreams. Go, dreamer, sit at your desk, drink your coffee and earn your keep.”

On Monday, drivers were shaking fists and birds sat quietly as they watched tempers rising, losing a feather in angst with each honk. The sky was overcast, an omen over the land. Most assuredly, 25 percent of the Twin Cities population was late to work as a result, the lost wages causing financial and, ultimately, marital strife, leading to divorce and broken homes.

Satan laughed.

Please consider the whole picture when planning these changes. There is a lot more involved than the engineering. You’re playing with people’s lives (and bird’s feathers). We are not just puppets on Hot Wheels tracks for you to vroom-vroom around.

Think about it.

Pretty please?

Amy Mytnik, Shakopee