A look at the real Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby and his wife Camille share a laugh as they tell a story about collecting on of the pieces in the upcoming exhibit, Conversations: African and African-American Artworks in Dialogue, at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art . (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Bill Cosby can’t seem to stop revealing the real Bill Cosby.

The Associated Press has taken the unusual step of releasing video of an interview it did with the man formerly considered “America’s Dad” after Cosby launched a full-court press against its reporter after he asked about rape allegations against Cosby.

Cosby lectured the reporter on integrity after he departed from an interview that was about an art installation.

The AP, which generally oozes integrity, didn’t think much about being pushed around by a Hollywood thug.

“The AP made no agreement to avoid questions about the allegations,” it said in releasing the video showing the extent to which Cosby tried to pressure the reporter into submitting.

The interview video above is particularly timely, coming as it does within 24 hours after former AP reporter Dana Kennedy penned a piece, “Bill Cosby didn’t rape me but what he did has always given me the creeps,” (edit) that described an earlier interview with Coz.

“The interview was so unusual and uncomfortable that it seeped into the article I wrote,” Kennedy said. “It’s hard to know how else I could have written it. The substance of what he said took a back seat to the atmosphere Cosby created between us. He was a very scary guy.”

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