Garth Brooks meets the woman he made famous

Garth Brooks, who’s in the middle of a bigger winning streak than anyone else who’s ever played at Target Center, got a chance to meet the woman for whom he stopped his Minneapolis concert last week.

Last week he serenaded Teresa Shaw, after she held up a sign during his concert saying she’d had chemotherapy that morning.

He stopped the concert to declare, “You have all my strength. You have everybody’s strength in here, and you go kick cancer’s ass!”

On the show Entertainment Tonight yesterday, the two met.

“We’re in the second of two shows in one night…We’re doing two shows some nights, back to back, so we do four shows in 24 hours and you’re looking at the drummer and he’s peeling skin off his fingers and you’re looking at everybody and everybody’s trying to stay up,” he said. “That’s a big ask for these people to do that. And then you see someone with a sign that says, ‘Chemo This Morning, [Garth Tonight. Enjoy The Dance.]’ And you’re like, ‘Am I really [complaining] about anything? Really?’ It put it all in perspective. Caught me off guard, but [Shaw] was so sweet and her face just said it all…No walls, no barriers, that’s when magic happens, that’s it.”