Marilyn Hagerty reviews McDonald’s, doesn’t disappoint

Marilyn Hagerty, the Grand Forks Herald reporter and food reviewer who has delighted us for years with her unpretentious reviews delivered without the insufferable snobbery of her big-city peers, has delivered again.

Hagerty, you’ll recall, made a national name for herself a few years ago with her review of the Olive Garden restaurant.

Today, she’s upped the game at which she already excels with her review today of another restaurant: McDonald’s.

My trail through the McDonald’s restaurants took me to East Grand Forks, where I ordered a medium-sized low-fat latte. I got quick service and paid $3.18. I collect the little cards that come on the lattes in order to get a free one after the fifth purchase.

The lattes cost less than those I enjoy at Starbucks. But they are worthy. The only problem is occasionally, one of the restaurants will tell you their machine is not working.

“Not working?” I think. I almost foam at the mouth in disgust, but I try to be pleasant.

My visit to the McDonald’s near Columbia Mall is where I enjoyed my secret sin — a big Mac for $4.39. Something I do once every couple of years. But they help to fill up active, working people. They almost overwhelm lethargic people like me.

It’s a fun place, she reports, especially when they’re selling chicken McNuggets for the price of the current temperature.