SCSU students plan spring break bike ride to Winnipeg

Don’t be complaining to Quentin Super and Ryan Brandenburg, two students at St. Cloud State University, about the silly wind chill. With spring break looming, they’re hitting their bicycles and heading… north, the St. Cloud Times reports.

Starting on March 6, the two will start a bike ride to Winnipeg. When they get there — if they get there — they’ll turn around and ride back.

Kids today, eh?

“I’m seeing this girl, and she thinks we’re crazy — ‘How can you even think of doing something like that?’ ” Super said with a grin.

“It kind of started as a joke,” said Brandenburg with that same sheepish smile. “No one thinks that we’re going to be able to do it.”

“Basically, we love to bike. We love long-distance riding,” Super added.

“We’re gonna do something unprecedented. We’re going to go to Canada, via bicycle.”

In the process, Super and Brandenburg will spend eight days and roughly 800 miles on back roads and bikes, riding through the winter elements to and from Winnipeg, just to say they could and did.

Super said he was out riding last weekend and even with the wind in his face reports “it wasn’t that bad.”

He said he’s more worried about a bear jumping out at them than the cold.