To combat winter, Duluth shows a little leg

Winter is in its last few hours and the people of Duluth are looking to give it a last kick today by wearing shorts.

Shorts Against Winter was started a few years ago as a joke by Kevin Cain, an employee with Swim Creative, an ad agency.

“The simple act of wearing shorts in the middle of winter seemed like a fun way to boost morale and show off our hardiness,” Cain tells Business North. “Since then, the staff took it and ran with it.”

The ad agency provided free coffee and prizes to people who stopped by in summer garb this morning and urged people to post photos under the hashtag #shortsagainstwinter.

It’s going to take more to get Duluth — where winter has a couple more months to go — in a spring spirit, however. In the seventh years of the meteorological rebellion, almost nobody has.