Paper paints a soft portrait of predator who took Jayme Closs

“He kidnapped her — but she kidnapped his heart.”

Typically, when a new story starts like that in a newspaper, a sweet story of love follows.

But the tabloid New York Daily News reached a new level of despicable because the story begins a piece on the reputational rehabilitation of the man who shot and killed Jayme Closs’ parents in Barron, Wis., and held her captive in a Wisconsin cabin.

The story retells an interview the killer did with a WCCO reporter, the first interview he granted. To its credit, WCCO did not play the story as the ratings bonanza it possibly was.

Not so the Daily News.

“[the killer] remembers their time together fondly.”

Let’s review: Jayme Closs saw her parents murdered in front of her by a predator, then the killer put her in the trunk of his car.

Why do people so hate “the media”? This is why.

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