Among country’s great cities, add Pierre and Waconia

Among the great mysteries on the planet, this one must now be added: How is it that Pierre, S.D., got more votes in a Monopoly contest than Minneapolis?

Hasbro’s press release today reveals the names of cities that will occupy the board on a new edition of Monopoly.

Of 4 million votes cast, Pierre beat out Minneapolis and will replace Boardwalk in the edition. Minneapolis is relegated to Park Place.

Apparently, this was a big deal in Pierre, which had previously been known as the state capital no kid remembers.

“Our community members, school district, local media and several state government offices all worked together to make Pierre the Boardwalk space on the MONOPOLY HERE & NOW: U.S. Edition game, and we’re thrilled to be the top spot!’ Pierre Mayor Laurie Gill said in the news release.

There’s another surprise in today’s announcement: Waconia gets a spot on the board.

Dark Blue: Pierre, SD; Minneapolis, MN
Green: New York, NY; Virginia Beach, VA; Los Angeles, CA
Yellow: Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Charleston, SC
Red: Detroit, MI; Boston, MA; Milwaukee, WI
Orange: Cleveland, OH; Asheville, NC; Denver, CO
Magenta: Atlanta, GA; Little Rock, AR; Seattle, WA
Light Blue: Portsmouth, NH; Charlotte, NC; Dallas, TX
Brown: Waconia, MN; Chesapeake, VA

Waconia replaces Mediterranean Avenue.