Today’s great sports debate: Was Metrodome imploded?

While waiting for the World Series (with the Twins) to get underway, there’s not much for sports fans in the Twin Cities to do today — an off day for the local entry in the American League.

And so we’ve been smitten with this — a video that NESN — the Red Sox cable TV station — showed yesterday of the implosion of the Metrodome.

Deadspin is all over the obvious fakery.

But that’s not really true. The Metrodome was imploded, sort of, but that’s not the video of it.

First, the roof was imploded on February 2, 2014.

A few weeks after that, down came the rest of it.

Neither of those videos, however, was what NESN showed.

It was actually the 2000 explosion of the Kingdome in Seattle, with the Metrodome’s roof superimposed over the Kingdome.

Who did it? Ken Harrelson. The video was actually a bit the White Sox broadcaster put together to show his distaste for the Metrodome.

(h/t: Tim Nelson)