After tripping, war refugee lands in a good spot

Funny how things turn out sometimes, isn’t it?

This might be the best thing that’s happened to Osama Abdul Mohsen in months.


Mohsen is the man carrying a child who was tripped by a Hungarian TV journalist — since fired — when they made a run for it while trying to escape the war in Syria.

The attention the trip garnered included the fact he was a soccer coach in Syria, which prompted a soccer academy in Spain to step forward and help rebuild his life.

Early this morning, Mohsen stepped off a train in Spain. He’ll have a job and his family will have a place to live.

Syrian Osama Abdul Mohsen, left, holds his son Zaid as they arrive at the Barcelona train station on Wednesday, Sept.16, 2015. The Syrian refugee tripped at a border hotspot by a Hungarian journalist in an incident captured on video that generated global outrage will live in a Madrid suburb after a Spanish soccer academy convinced him to take an apartment offer and help to rebuild his life, an official with the school said Wednesday. Osama Abdul Mohsen was on a train expected to arrive in Madrid at midnight Wednesday. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)

“Now I feel that I am (flying) in the sky,” he told people waiting for him at the train station in Barcelona with his son Zaid and another son. “I am very happy.”