Sunday night is the new Monday morning

“Until now, Sunday had held its own in our shifting world,” the Boston Globe’s Beth Teitell writes today. But those days are over, she announces. Sunday night is the new Monday morning.

Sunday’s Monday-ization can be seen in the changing e-mail patterns observed by Alexander Moore, the founder of Boomerang, a subscription service that allows users to send e-mails hours or days after they were written.

Over the past five years, Sunday night has gone from our third most common night for writing e-mails to be sent later — behind Monday and Tuesday nights — to the most common.

“It looks like Thursday and Friday nights are the new weekend,” he e-mailed.

The Sunday night dread is partly the fault of worker bees, trying to get a head start on the week. Part of it is the dawn of “Internet time.”

“It’s like the feeling you had in college that you are never really done until the semester is over,” a management consultant said, “except that in life, the semester is never over.”