On Veterans Day, another ‘Good Morning’ from Vietnam

Far be it from this blog to recommend you go listen to another radio station today, but go listen to another radio station today.

WEBY, an AM outlet in Northwest Florida (listen here) is playing “Good Morning Vietnam” today, digitizing actual broadcasts from the war-zone radio station and reminiscing with Harry Simons, an AFVN disc jockey with the call sign “Your Brother” in Saigon and Da Nang.

“There’s a lot of people that have no concept that the American military had a radio station [in Vietnam],”talk show host Mike Bates told Navy Times. “It’s quite a story, so hopefully they’ll be educated about something they never knew existed.”

“It has consumed nearly every waking minute of my life for the last six months,” he told the Pensacola News Journal about the broadcast which originally aired late last month. “But it is a labor of love.”

In a segment, the former hosts recalled another colleague from Da Nang — Pat Sajak, who went on to be the host of Wheel of Fortune.