Snow shoveling to the beat of a drum

We’re not sure this is the most efficient way to shovel snow, but this video from Montreal (which is pretty good at getting rid of the stuff) nonetheless confirms that many of us in flyover country aren’t approaching the task with the kind of enthusiasm we could.

(Video link)

He’s Richard Laubonet, 38, who runs a cardio workout studio using African drums and decided to take some students outside and try a new idea when he saw an area of Jarry Park dedicated for children, covered in snow.

“Everyone hates shovelling, and I think the fact of seeing people doing it while dancing and having fun resonated with people. Also, the biggest contrast is that we’re African. We come from countries that have no snow, so it’s unusual,” he tells the CBC.

With the reaction to the video, he’s envisioning a new business:

“There were people who invited us to come shovel their driveway. It’s a funny idea, but I really do think it could be a business opportunity,” he said.

“It could be a very interesting idea to have a group of Africans come to your car that is trapped in the snow, put on some good music and in less than 15 minutes clear your driveway while you watch them dance from your living room window.”

Until then, Laubonet says he is planning to make more videos — but with a large group of dancers.

“Ideally, I would love to clear snow outside a hospital or an old-age home. It has to be a gesture that is contributes to society. I would love to do that.”