Filmmakers to unmask creepy clown

We’re about to reach peak Wrinkles the Clown.

Wrinkles patrols the mean streets of Naples, Florida, and nobody seems to know why. Of course, he’s become an Internet hit with occasional videos.

Some parents hire the clown to scare their kids when they’re behaving badly. In fact, the waiting list to hire him for parties in southwest Florida is months long, the Washington Post reported in November.

Today, the paper has unmasked him, sort of.

Wrinkles, who speaks with a heavy New England accent, told The Post that he’s a divorced military veteran who worked various jobs throughout his career. After retiring a few years back, he moved to Florida to escape the cold New England winters and settle into a more relaxed lifestyle.

Wrinkles contacted the Post to reveal that a Kickstarter page has been set up to tell his story. All it’ll take is cash.

Wrinkles, who has appeared on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, will help the filmmakers explore coulrophobia and figure out why some parents “are taking advantage of these fears and using them against their children,” the Post says. Some parents pay the clown to come to their home and scare their children into behaving better.