Grand Forks hockey fans try to ‘unflip’ Naomi’s car

Photo: Unflip Naomi's Car GoFundMe page.

It is increasingly a part of America’s culture that when your sports team wins a championship, you go flip cars over; burning them is optional, apparently.

Naomi Danielson’s Prius was the primary victim of the University of North Dakota’s NCAA hockey championship last weekend when hockey “fans” flipped it, causing nearly $5,000 in damages. Her insurance isn’t covering much of it. Just flipping it back over cost her $300.

There have been no arrests but there are reports of common decency coming from Grand Forks.

“It’s something that you see happen in the bigger cities,” Billy Tibert tells the Grand Forks Herald. “Grand Forks, we’re smaller. We should come together and just make it right for her.”

He was disgusted as anyone about the post-championship behavior and posted on Facebook that someone should do something to help Danielson. Then he realized that he’s a “someone”, so he set up a GoFundMe page — “Unflip Naomi’s Car.”

“I’ll let the police worry about finding the offenders, but let’s come together to get her car running again,” he wrote on the page, which is making slow progress toward its $5,000 goal.

Ms. Danielson says she was surprised by the generosity, more so because she doesn’t know Mr. Tibert.