Rich guys and their toys turn I-394 into a racetrack

Unless we’re misreading today’s Star Tribune editorial, the idea of a little public shaming of the men who turned Interstate 394 into their personal Watkins Glen is on the table.

There are worse crimes for which the judicial canon “innocent until proven guilty” is typically observed by the fourth estate, but there’s something about this case that particularly assaults sensibilities. Is it that the fellas flaunted the law or that they did so with the toys of the rich?

KARE 11 reported that around 5:30 p.m. Saturday, a trooper clocked a lime green Lamborghini in the left lane of westbound I-394 at Winnetka Avenue traveling 110 mph. Two dozen other sports cars weren’t far behind, treating others on the road as race course “little people.”

Shouldn’t this be a something more than a misdemeanor. If you can afford a lime green Lamborghini, what’s to keep you from playing with it on I-394?

“One can only guess what goes on beneath the thick skull of someone who would endanger not only themselves but also innocent motorists by turning a major interstate into their own version of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Very little, we would guess,” said the Strib editorial board, which called the accused “witless wonders.”

“It’s a shame that Minnesota’s restrictions on cameras in the courtroom would likely prevent anyone from shooting video of those appearances,” it said.

Shame. That might be a useful tool.