Should purple be the official state color?

A state lawmaker wants Minnesota to have a state color to honor Prince and a bill so stating will probably pass, given that lawmakers love to pass official symbol legislation.

The Pioneer Press’ Mary Divine says the proposal comes from Sen. Karin Housley.

“Twenty-three states have official colors, but we don’t,” Housley told her. “I’ve always thought it should be purple, so much so that I had my Minnesota Senate ring made (in 2012) with a purple stone.”

Of the 24 states that have official colors, only one has a single color; South Carolina adopted indigo blue.

If Minnesota adopted purple, it would be the only state to embrace purple.

Perhaps the legislation could also include a resolution calling for the Los Angeles Lakers to give back the purple and gold colors of the team that started in Minnesota.

A Sporting News columnist went a little further, declaring that one of Minnesota’s sports teams should change its name. The Minnesota Wild, an awful name, would be a good candidate but there’s no indication Prince was a big hockey fan.

He was a big Minnesota Lynx fan but Minnesota Princes has all kinds of problems for a women’s basketball squad. Sporting News suggests the Minnesota Purple Rain, which would be good news for the Minnesota Wild, which would no longer have the worst name in Minnesota sports.

The Timberwolves, owners of a uniform design that’s never felt quite right, would seem like a decent choice for purplization.