Target Field busing in out-of-towners for concessions jobs

Target Field on opening day. Photo: Paul Huttner/MPR News.

The Twins and the company that runs the concessions at Target Field have bused in workers from Chicago and Milwaukee to fill the jobs at the concession stands.

The imports were discovered when David Brauer hit the concession stand Friday night.

So much for a publicly financed stadium providing jobs for the locals?

The group Neighborhoods Organizing for Change volunteered to hold a job fair to fill the part-time gigs.

Yesterday KARE 11 investigated the story on Brauer’s tip and found about 80 out-of-town workers were not only bused in, but were put up in hotels, and reimbursed for travel time.

“We’re seeing we don’t have the supply that we don’t have in the past,” a spokesman for Delaware North, the company with whom the Twins contract to provide concessions at Target Field.

“The notion they have to go to Chicago, Green Bay or Milwaukee when there are people who are on West Broadway is absolutely outrageous,” Mike Griffin, with Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, told KARE.


The president of the Twins, Dave St. Peter, joined in, saying there are plenty of part-time jobs for the locals who want them.

At the conclusion of last season, Target Field part-time employees rallied outside the stadium, claiming they often had to stand in long lines just to find out if they were scheduled to work, and were paid with debit cards carrying high fees.

[Update 1:16 p.m. ] The Minnesota Ballpark Authority notes that the coming job fair will be the 6th. And after last September’s protest the board discussed the temporary worker shortage with Delaware North, and the temporary staffing agencies were instructed to pay concession workers who were told to report earlier than necessary. The agencies also agreed to offer direct deposit or a paper check for the wages earned at Target Field.