Fighting pollution one tree at a time, two men build a forest

Jia Wenqi lost both arms when he was only three years old. Jia Haixia was born blind in one eye.

The area surrounding their home in China has been decimated by pollution.

So they started planting trees. One tree at a time. So far, they’ve planted 10,000 trees.

GoPro released this video this week in hopes of coming up with a way to raise money for them somehow, although there’s no way to do so. Yet.

They have no money to buy saplings, so they take cuttings from existing trees.

“Being alive means having a purpose,” Jia Haixia said.

Their story was originally told by the Daily Mail last year, when they acknowledged their plan isn’t for them; it’s for those who come after them.

“They will see that a blind man and an armless man left them a forest,” Haixia said.